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  • "Beyond Transformation " ~ A Collateral Exhibition of the 56th Venice Biennial by Ma Sing Ling, X-Power's Representing Artists  

    Name: Ma Sing Ling’s “Beyond Transformation”~ A Collateral Exhibition of the 56th Venice Biennial
    Time: May 07~June 06, 2015
    Venue: GALLERIA D'ARTE III MILLENNIO, San Marco 1047 Venezia

    Ma Sing Ling, the emerging artist trio, have expanded their art terrority to Europe by accepting the invitation to exhibit “Reaching Perfection” at the Eventi Collaterali, the 56th Venice Biennial. Their artworks exhibiting at Galleria d'Arte III Millennio include “The View with a View”, “Spring Breeze”,“Form of Unity”and other series.

    The X-Power Gallery’s representing artists Ma Sing Ling, formed in 2011 by MANIHOO, Singway and Ling Ling, have created an amazing series of “Form of Unity” with extraordinary chemistry; their first joint-artwork was selected into the 159th Autumn Exhibtion of England Academy, UK, featuring a great momentum. Since then, their artworks have been exhibited in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, the Beverly Hills (L,A.), Hong Kong, Shanghai, Qingdao and Shenzhen. This invitation to exhibit at the Eventi Collaterali, the 56th Venice Biennial is the testimony for the internaitonal recognition.

    Established in 1895, the Venice biennial is one of the most renowned art festivals in Europe, also the dream palace for artists. The Italian Government and Pariliment fully support this grand event, and have legislated it as an important institution. This globally focused art exhibition with rigid selections is divided into Theme Pavilions and Country Pavilions, exhibiting contemporary artworks; artists consider the participation in the Venice biennial as a ultimate honour. In additon to that, the Collateral Exhibition is also a highlight, gathering emerging artists with great potentials from various countries to present characteristic works, which enriches the event even more. Therefore, it means significiantly for Ma Sing Ling to be invited.

    The artist trio Ma Sing Ling from Taiwan is invited to exhibit at the Eventi collaterali for the 56th Venice Biennial
    Form of Unity / Water Chants‧A Gentleman's Dignity

    Spring Breeze/How Charming!
    At this “Beyond Transformation” exhibition, there are 15 paintings respectively from“The View with a View”, “Spring Breeze”,“Form of Unity”, “Fantasy of Art” and “Grand Finishing Touch” series. A common trait shared by Ma Sing Ling’s artworks is to challenge the free flow and fluidity of paints and to control the self-evolving spirits out of the unpredictable character of the image produced. That is, to “interact with the constant-changing phenomena by abiding by the never-changing innate virtue, and to abide in the never-changing innate virtue while interacting with the constant-changing phenomena of the outer world.” It is a state of harmonious unity of mind and phenomena, and of mutual nourishment and advancement of imagination and realization. Nevertheless, each series evolves into its own representation and connotation.

    The “Form of Unity/Water Chants‧A Gentleman’s Dignity”depcits their inspirations derived from the classic verses and poems, which are transformed into the interpretations of their mind state and artist mood. The “Grand Finishing Touch” is set with a Zen landscape as backdrop: to accent grand openness via purple clouds, amazing wonder by red splashes, and royal nobleness from golden jetting. The “Fantasy of Art” is to manifest the intricacies and amazements in all phenomena from different liberal perspectives. The inspiration for “The View with a View“ series comes from the concept to make the best of everything, such as their mentor, Prof. Lee Sun-Don’s leftovers of paints; thus a new dimension is opened. The stunning series of “Spring Breeze” depicts the romantic aura diffusing from a sea of flowers via “marvel hidden in chaos with verve in ease.” Being absolutely on the same wavelength, the artist trio has interwoven a fantastic world in multi-layers with dots and lines. A new style of abstract impressionism is thus revealed.

    While receiving recognitions from the international juried contests, Ma Sing Ling’s artworks also attract great attention in Taiwan and highly regarded by Taiwan’s famous art collectors. For example, Kenneth Lo, Chairman of Industrial Bank of Taiwan, Edward Chen, President of Jih Sun Group, and Chen Wu-gang, CEO of Kelti International, they all place Ma Sing Ling’s artworks at their conglomerate-affiliated museums.

    How the artist trio working jointly in cohesion is something curious. According to the Prof. Lee Sun-Don: ”Every artist has his/her own logic, thoughts and plans for their own creations. ” While working with the other artists, how can they reach the agreement and find the harmony among differences in others’ various ways of expressions? At a recent interview with the Associated Press, they expressed with one voice: "Differences in opinions are the source of creativeness; works completed by following a rational line would look over-engineering instead. Varieties in personality and background provoke diversified thoughts, the merged paintings result in unexpected creativeness and surprises.“