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    • Welcome Mr. Tsai Ping-kun, Deputy Mayor of Taipei City

      The Deputy Mayor of Taipei City Mr. Tsai Ping-kun visited X-Power Gallery of GP DEVA Group in the afternoon on the 19th of October, 2020.
      He was warmly received by GP DEVA’s Chairwoman Carol Chou and Brand Director Vicky Chang. The Gallery’s Manager Tung Sheng-Ho, who is also an artist, gave the art lover Mr. Tsai a tour on the artworks currently on display. >>more
    Welcome Mr. Tsai Ping-kun, Deputy Mayor of Taipei City

    • Art Revolution Taipei has become an indicator in Asia’s art fairs, curated with the leading concept, that is, artists are the core. Starting from August 15, “2020 Art Revolution Taipei • Another Chapter,” a 16-day exhibition, will be held at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (Warehouse 2 & 3). >>more

      "Clear Mirror‧Image" Launched in Shanghai ~
      "Lee Sun-Don + MaSingLingLuna" Amazing Exhibition

      Created by Taiwanese artist Lee Sun-Don, who was praised by the Western media as "Contemporary Oriental Picasso", and "Super Girl Creative Artists Four" MaSingLingLuna, the latest "Clear Mirror • Image" series has been on display in GP DEVA FRONTIER ART • X-Power Gallery - Shanghai starting from July 17. The contemporary avant-garde mirror style was stunning to all guests participating the VIP night in Shanghai!   >>more
    'Clear Mirror‧Image' Lee Sun-Don + MaSingLingLuna Amazing Exhibition

    Cross-border Cooperation in Art and Architecture
    Lee Sun-Don + MaSingLingLuna Exhibited at Gensler Shanghai Headquarters

      Artist Lee Sun-Don, known for his bold, challenging style of artistic creations, together with MaSingLingLuna, was invited to have the "Clear Mirror~Transparency" exhibition at the world's top architectural firm Gensler's Shanghai headquarters on July 18th this year to present the contemporary avant-garde mirror style, being an iconic summit fusing contemporary architectural design concepts and the art of new generations.   >>more
    Lee Sun-Don + MaSingLingLuna Exhibited at Gensler Shanghai Headquarters

    Clear Mirror ~Transparency • Image
    Lee Sun-Don + MaSingLingLuna   Art and Architecture Cross-border Cooperation

      Shanghai Twin Exhibition 1   
      Theme: Clear Mirror • Image
      Opening Tea Party: 2019.7.17 (Wed.) 14:30
      Date:      2019.7.17 ~ 10.31
      Venue: Shanghai X-Power Gallery
      Shanghai Twin Exhibition 2   
      Theme: Clear Mirror~Transparency
      Exhibition Tea Party: 2019.7.18 (Thu.) 17:30-20:00 (VIP only)
      Date:   2019.7.18 ~ 10.18 (private invitation only, non-public exhibition)
      Venue:Gensler Architectural Firm, Shanghai Headquarters >>more
    明鏡~Transparency‧印象, 李善單+瑪馨玲月 藝術與建築跨界合作

      2019 Art Revolution Taipei
      X-Power Gallery’s Artists Are Rolling Their Talents

      VIP Preview:2019.4.25  19:00~22:00 (with VIP Card only)
      Regular Exhibition:2019.4.26~4.29   11:00pm~19:00pm
      Venue:Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3
      Asia’s iconic art fair, Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.), runs April 26~29 at Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 3, this year. It has brought 468 artists from 74 countries to participate in displaying nearly 4,000 cultural-distinctive and local-characteristic artworks. >>more

    Love Across Centuries ~~
    The Romantic Rendezvous Across from the Art Expo to the Concert Hall
    Artist Lee Sun-Don's Cross-border Creation

      In May 2018, Professor Lee Sun-Don's "Love Across Centuries" series, created with a hundred pieces of centuries-old antique violins, astonished the "Art Revolution Taipei. On October 18, 2018, “In Memory of A Great Patriarch VI" violin concerto No. 3 “100・My Heart”, arranged from Lee Sun-Don's original music with these antique violins, will have its world premiere at the National Concert Hall in Taipei. This grand event is performed by the Pro Arte Orchestra Taiwan led by Professor Liao Chia-Hong and the violinist Huang Mei-Ching.   >>more

    100 Pieces of Violin with Painted Totems...
    A.R.T. Installation Art Exhibits the Sound of Ten Thousand Years

      100 pieces of violins, each of more than a hundred years history, with painted totems - this is the largest installation art in the Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T) this year. Upon entering the front door, you “smell” a touch of woody scent, “see” the smooth, flowing lines of artwork, then “listen” with "heart" to a concert. With the wonderful sound of music flows through the years... This series work is tilted the "Love Across Centuries". It is the work of Art Director Lee Sun-Don.   >>more

    100 Pieces of Violin with Painted Totems... A.R.T. Installation Art Exhibits the Sound of Ten Thousand Years

    A.R.T.2017 is about to launch on Apr. 14. To discover the aspiration with which it all started by starting with the first piece of work along with X-Power Gallery’s represented artists.
      VIP Preview (with VIP Card): 2017/04/13  19:00pm~22:00pm
      Public Exhibition: 2017/04/14      11:00pm~20:00pm
           2017/04/15      12:00pm~20:00pm
           2017/04/16      11:00am~19:00pm
           2017/04/17      12:00pm~20:00pm

      Venue: Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Hall 3
      Web: www.arts.org.tw   >>more

    Afternoon Saloon Concert at X-Power Gallery
    Share the art festival with our specially invited guests Mr. Chia-Hong Drapal Liao, the Art Director, and Pro Arte Orchestra Taiwan
      Time: Dec. 03, 2016 (Saturday) 17:00-18:00

      The “Dream World, Dream Art” Exhibition was launched on Dec. 01, accompanied with an afternoon saloon concert performed by the highly esteemed Pro Arte Orchestra Taiwan and the Art Director Mr. Chia-Hong Drapal Liao. With the classical music from Mozart and Kreisler, the graceful violin encounters with beautiful paintings to resonate sparks in a different way.   >>more

    The perfect way to spend Father’s Day this year was at the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance, where the Vicci 6.2 was highlight of show!
    • 2016.6.22
      Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance was the perfect way to spend Father's Day on June 18, 2016. Rodeo Drive was lined with the world's most luxurious and unique cars, with thousands of people enjoying a beautiful and sunny afternoon in Beverly Hills. But the Vicci 6.2 was the gem that glistened in the sun with the Master Lee Sun-Don's Treasure Gate artwork, that caught the eyes of all the visitors! >>more

    When Dinosaurs Met Buddha • • •
    Flaring New Ideas on Bronze

      If you think the ivory of long-haired mammoth last year was very spectacular, then this (2016) year will not be disappointing. "The protagonist was mammoth last year; this year the protagonist is the Dinosaur. Last year's large fossil totemic bronze are considered medium or small sizes this year." said Tung Sheng-Ho, who is in charge of setting up the exhibition for the Art Revolution Taipei (ART). >>more
    Economic Daily News, Apr.11, 2016 When Dinosaurs Met Buddha... Flaring New Ideas on Bronze

    An Art, and a Supercar, the Limited Edition DiMora Vicci 6.2 is super eye-catching in the "Palm Springs Fine Art Fair". The "American Rolls-Royce" + "Contemporary Oriental Picasso" Detonated Discussion!

    • Date: Feb. 11 ~ 14, 2016  Palm Springs Modernism Show & Sale
               Feb. 12 ~ 15, 2016  Palm Springs Fine Art Fair
      Venue: Palm Springs Convention Center
    • California Palm Springs Convention Center held in 2016.2.11 ~ 2.14 the "Palm Springs Fine Art Fair", and at the same time "The Sixteenth Palm Springs Modernism Week", the annual events that always attract large crowds to visit. >>more

    “Seven Fairies vs. Fat Lady” Group Exhibition
      Dates: Jan. 9, 2016 ~ Feb. 21, 2016
      Venue: Frontier Art ‧ X-Power Gallery – Taipei

      Greeting the New Year of 2016, the X-Power Gallery presents a group exhibition “Seven Fairies vs. Fat lady”—with Taiwan’s seven graceful female artists in conjunction with the elegant fat lady portrayed by Chinese mainland artist Liu Baojun. The exhibition opens on January 9 with a reception, running through February 21.   >>more

    “Seven Fairies vs. Fat Lady” Group Exhibition

    Artist Lee Sun-Don's Cross-border Cooperation with DiMora, the Neo-classical Artistic Supercar Made an Impressive Debut in One of the Three Major Auto Shows in North America, the "Los Angeles Auto Show"
      Dates: Nov. 20,2015 ~ Nov. 29, 2015
      Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center

      The world's automobile manufacturers introduced 2016, 2017 upcoming concept car, electric cars, SUVs, sports cars and other types, covering almost all models. In the show, Vicci 6.2 Emperor, the artistic supercar resulted from the cooperation of DiMora Motorcar of the United States and Artist Lee Sun-Don attracted the attention from many car fans and the media, once again becoming heated discussion topic.   >>more


    Luna Chen, the X-Power Gallery’s repreasenting artist, Coming upon the World Stage
    Authorizing Her Artworks to New Model of Chevrolet RV, General Motors(China)...Lova RV

      Chevrolet is going to launch its new model of mini sport utility vehicle, Lova RA, targeting on the youth market, along with other models to showcase at the Guangzhou Auto Show(http://auto.sohu.com/20151103/n425111361.shtml) from Nov. 20 to Nov. 25, 2015. The official launching date is November 20, pricing at RMB 80~120,000. According to the General Motors(GM), Luna Chen’s artworks go well with the style of Lova RV, which will become the eyecatching highlight at the show by designing as an art coating on the car body. >>more

    Artist Lee Sun-Don Made a Cross-border Cooperation with DiMora to Create the Neolassic Artistic Supercar
    An Extraordinary Splendor at the World Renowned "Monterey Auto Luxe" Event!

      Dates: Aug. 11,2015 ~ Aug. 14, 2015
      Venue: 5 Custom House Plaza, Monterey, California

      Monterey Car Week is a world-renowned American car event that brings together world-renowned luxury car brands, to meet many people's fantasy of luxury lifestyle, definitely an annual event for those interested in cars not to miss. And the "Monterey Auto Luxe" has been listed on their agenda as this year's must-see event.
      Coverage by international media KSBW (copied from KSBW Action News 8)     >>more

    Feature Coverage on X-Power Gallery's Artist Lee Sun-Don from
    The HUFFPOST ARTS & CULTURE by Bruce Helander
    From Walls to Wheels: Driving Arts in High Gear

      DiMora recently began to see an uptrend developing in both the art and automobile investment genres, so he envisioned merging the two to see if they could be combined successfully, developing a paradigm to build on the strength of both the art and automobile worlds. Just as Dale Chihuly's unique, hand-blown glass art helped change the typical paint and canvas art platform, so will this innovative blending of art with the automobile, in DiMora's professional opinion.After a great deal of research, DiMora discovered the work of Taiwanese artist and Zen Master Lee Sun-Don at the Beverly Hills X-Power Gallery. >>more

    "Beyond Transformation"~A Collateral Exhibition of the 56th Venice Biennial by Ma Sing Ling, X-Power’s Representing Artists

      Ma Sing Ling, the emerging artist trio, have expanded their art terrority to Europe by accepting the invitation to exhibit “Reaching Perfection” at the Eventi Collaterali, the 56th Venice Biennial. Their artworks exhibiting at Galleria d'Arte III Millennio include “The View with a View”, “Spring Breeze”,“Form of Unity”and other series. >>more