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  • Artist Lee Sun-Don Made a Cross-border Cooperation with DiMora to Create the Neolassic Artistic Supercar
    An Extraordinary Splendor at the World Renowned "Monterey Auto Luxe" Event!

    Date: Aug. 11,2015 ~ Aug. 14, 2015
    Venue: 5 Custom House Plaza, Monterey, California

    Monterey Car Week is a world-renowned American car event that brings together world-renowned luxury car brands, to meet many people's fantasy of luxury lifestyle, definitely an annual event for those interested in cars not to miss. And the "Monterey Auto Luxe" has been listed on their agenda as this year's must-see event.

    2015 Monterey Auto Luxe event was held on August 11 to 14 at the Stanton Center in California, with the total exhibition space of 33,000 square feet.


    The artistic supercar Vicci 6.2 Emperor, a creation under the joint collaboration of DiMora Motorcar of the U.S. with artist Lee Sun-Don, following the debut in "Art Revolution Taipei 2014" was on public display for the first time in North America. Its stunning imperial image soon became the focus of media attention from the first moment of appearance!

    “Although we are a car manufacturer based out of the United States, up until now, the Vicci Emperor has only been shown overseas at select, by invitation only art events,”… according to Sir Alfred J. DiMora, the owner of DiMora Motorcar.“We are very pleased to make the American debut of the Vicci Emperor at the 2015 Monterey Auto Luxe event.”

    The RM Sotheby’s and Russo and Steele car auctions will be taking place right next door to the Monterey Auto Luxe event, giving the thousands of registered bidders an opportunity for a first-hand look at the exclusive DiMora Vicci Emperor on display.

    Sir Alfred J. DiMora introduced the Vicci to Mr. Clyde Robertson, Mayor of Monterey.


    Phil Elfstrom of Monterey Auto Luxe said of the upcoming presentation, “This is a unique opportunity and definitely takes the Monterey Auto Luxe to a whole new level. We are also excited to have the actual canvas painting accompany the car by renowned artist Master Lee Sun-Don. The painting endured a special in-house process to have it transferred onto the Vicci 6.2 Emperor Convertible in a collaboration of art and car. The painting and Vicci bring true art and automotive excellence together.”

    “The Monterey Auto Luxe event is a unique opportunity to view one of the pieces of rolling art that DiMora Motorcar has to offer,” added Sir Alfred J. DiMora.

    Picasso from the East v.s. Perfect Design Curve from the West -
    Vicci 6.2 Emperor exudes a unique majestic demeanor.


    “We have a limited edition series of twenty-five Vicci cars accompanied by original one of a kind artwork by Master Lee Sun-Don.” Each artistic supercar of this limited edition series is accompanied by the original painting, allowing the collector to drive the rolling art and also enjoy the fine art. The neoclassic supercar of inner and outer beauty has become one of the hot topics this year in Monterey Car Week, and also an attractive favorite to the car players!

    Professor Lee Sun-Don's "Great Treasury Gate/Development Unbound"
    is the inspiring origin of Vicci 6.2.


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