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  • Art Revolution Taipei 2019
    X-Power Gallery’s Artists Are Rolling Their Talents

    Art Revolution Taipei, A.R.T. 2019
    VIP Preview:2019. 4.25           19:00~22:00 (with VIP Card only)
    Regular Exhibition:2019. 4.26~4.29   11:00~19:00
    Venue:Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3 No. 6, Song-shou Road, Taipei, Taiwan

    International Art Feast, Gathering 468 Artists from 74 Countries

    Asia’s iconic art fair, Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.), runs April 26~29 at Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 3, this year. It has brought 468 artists from 74 countries to participate in displaying nearly 4,000 cultural-distinctive and local-characteristic artworks.

    The A.R.T., inaugurated in 2011, is curated with a trend-leading concept, that is, it places the artists front and center, with each booth designed as the artist’s solo exhibition. Over these years, it has successfully established a platform for Taiwan artists to dialogue with the international artists, and more significantly, a world stage for every artist to demonstrate his/her talents and creativities.

    As usual, X-Power Gallery leads its represented artists to participate in this international art fair this year. Focusing on A.R.T.’s annual exhibiting theme, “The soul tattooed with art,” these artists showcase their latest creations as follows:


    Lee Sun-Don

    Professor Lee Sun-Don presents two series this year. “The Clear Mirror World” takes the mirror-finished stainless steel as the canvas. The reflectivity of the clear mirror takes the light and images in front onto the “canvas,” creating an interesting intersection of presence and penetrability, dimensions and boundary, reflection (illusion, fiction) and reality. What is more interesting, when standing before it, the viewer becomes part of the artwork – a beautiful concept of infusing the viewer with the creation.

    The other series, “The Ultimate Origins,” is to portray the idea that “emptiness” is not nothing as we know it but an existence that will give rise to something. Here Professor Lee uses the sheet music of his own composition of violin concerto to make the sound, which is supposedly unseen, into perceivable. He furthermore uses totemic illustrations to add Zen interests to the work as a whole.

    The Clear Mirror World • Totem Bang/Kingly



    Composed of MANIHOO, Singway, Ling Ling and Luna, MSLL is an art quartet famous for their talented presentation of the flow of paint. Their newly creation, “Necessary • Bodhi,” employs the leaves of the direct descendant of the Bodhi tree under which the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni, attained enlightenment. Creating with the fallen leaf from this tree beautifully manifests a Zen life philosophy, that is, every being, whatever floating cloud or flowing water, can be an inspiration for awakening. It manifests also MSLL’s concern for environment – to creatively turn the so-called “trash” into food for thought.

    Necessary • Bodhi/Essence

    Necessary • Bodhi/Diamond Enlightenment


    A brand-new art duo composed of Luna and Small Sa. They debuted with “The World,” a series featuring the 20 main stars of the Chinese astrology of Ziwei Doushu. Each star has its characteristics based upon which LunaSaSa design the coordinating figure and divine creature of the concerning painting.

    The World/King of the Stars (Zi Wei)

    The World/Martial Arts (Wu Qu)


    For 2019, Singway exhibits three different series. In addition to her ever popular series, “This Is Very Contemporary – The Temple of Edfu,” inaugurated in 2015, she presents two new series: “Wealth Plan” and “The Cat on Travel.” She wishes we can all enjoy spiritual and material wealth. Please join Singway to explore our unlimited mind space.

    The Cat on Travel/Let’s Go Traveling

    Wealth Plan/Soaring Prosperity and Propitiousness

    Ling Ling

    For 2019, Ling Ling brings to us “The Treasure Bowl,” whereby the butterfly (a symbol of fortune), lotus (an icon for flourishing), and antique coins all together make up the dimensional treasure bowl. She believes that an idea can be expressed in different forms and with different media.

    The Treasure Bowl 1

    The Treasure Bowl 2


    MANIHOO’s “Lady of Wealth” portrays a lady living a happy life with wealth and nobility. The banknote with birds adds liveliness to the painting.

    Lady of Wealth(1)

    Lady of Wealth(2)

    Yachi Lai

    Yachi’s newest series, ”The Taste of the Wonder World,” is inspired by Chinese culinary art, especially its triple emphasis on color-flavor-taste and the auspicious naming of the cuisine. With this series, she wishes to send her best wishes to all.

    The Taste of the Wonder World/Golden Seal

    The Taste of the Wonder World/Dragon and Phoenix


    For 2019, GoGo creates with “facing life’s turning points” as her painting motif. She explores her deep innermost and depicts the reality of survival of the fittest. She believes that hidden within our inner self, there always exists a super-magical being guarding us all the time.

    Flower • No.52

    Transformer • The Wise

    Luna Chen

    Luna’s newest series, “The Fun of Zoo,” illustrates the joy our animal friends bring to us, with which she wishes to send joys to all of us.

    Animal Paradise/Hello Baby

    Animal Paradise/Frozen

    Small Sa

    Small Sa likes to use arch lines and geometric shapes to create her artwork. An oversized big hand is, especially, her signature — she believes that everyone needs to be cared for and that is her way of bringing guardianship and light of life to the viewers. Characterized with a refreshing caricature style, her artwork emanates youthful vitality and resonates as musical notes.

    Life's Seven Colors/The Rainy Day with Your Company

    Life's Seven Colors/Go for the Championship