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  • Clear Mirror ~Transparency‧Image
    Clear Mirror ~Transparency • Image
    Lee Sun-Don + MaSingLingLuna
    Art and Architecture Cross-border Cooperation


    X-Power Gallery Artists Lee Sun-Don & MaSingLingLuna

    X-Power Gallery Artist Lee Sun-Don, known for his bold, challenging and creative artistic creations, together with MaSingLingLuna, was invited to hold an exhibition at the world's top architectural firm Gensler's Shanghai headquarters in July this year.

    Gensler Architectural firm is located in 48 major cities around the world, including Asia, the United Kingdom, Central America, and the United States. Of many magazines, the Engineering News-Record magazine and the World Architecture magazine both ranked Gensler the world's top architectural firm; the American Institute of Architects has awarded Gensler the "Best of the Year" honor, and its architectural design "Shanghai Tower" is China's number one and the world's second tallest building.

    The "Clear Mirror-Transparency" exhibition presents the spirit of uniting contemporary architectural design and the art of new generations. This time, at the Gensler Shanghai headquarters, the "Clear Mirror" series is to present the contemporary avant-garde mirror style and the concept of environmental media creation. A special twin exhibition has been scheduled to take place in Shanghai, exhibiting the “Clear Mirror” series.

    • Shanghai Twin Exhibition 1
    Exhibition theme: Clear Mirror ‧ Image

    Opening Tea Party: 2019.7.17 (Wed.) 14:30
    Exhibition Date: 2019.7.17 ~ 2019.10.31
    Venue: Shanghai X-Power Gallery
    (M50 Art District, Room 103, Bldg. 13, No. 50 Moganshan Rd., Shanghai)

    • Shanghai Twin Exhibition 2
    Exhibition theme: Clear Mirror~Transparency

    Opening Tea Party: 2010.7.18 (Thu.) 17:30-20:00 (VIP only)
    Exhibition date: 2010.7.18 ~ 2019.10.18 (private invitation only, non-public exhibition)
    Venue: Gensler Architectural Firm, Shanghai Headquarters
    (One Museum Place, 3/F 669 XinZha Road, Shanghai)