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  • X-Power Gallery Artists 2022 Brand New Series Exhibited A Connection Between Reality and Fantasy
    We invite you through the
    artistic journey of the “ NFT Metaverse”.

    2022 Art Revolution Taipei
    VIP Preview: 4 August, 2022 19:00pm~22:00pm
    Public exhibitions: 5~8 August, 2022 11:30am~19:30pm
    Venue: Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Hall 1
    Organizer: Taiwan International Contemporary Artists Association
    Web: www.arts.org.tw


    “Shambhala Wonderland” VR Experience,
    “Shambhala Mystical Creature” AR Series 2022 Art Revolution Taipei

    2022 Art Revolution Taipei “NFT Metaverse” debuts at the Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1, from 2022 8.5 to 8.8. The art fair features immersive VR, AR, MR, XR experiences and NFT crypto art, launching a feast of artistic experiences through the “NFT Metaverse”.

    After two years of anticipation, in addition to the series “NFT Metaverse”, created in 2022 by Taiwanese artist Professor Lee-Sun-Don, who led the crypto art trend in Asia, XPower Gallery is also grandly launching the latest series “NFT Metaverse” from the female artist group of five, MSLLS, as well as brand new series from artists Singway, Ling Ling, MANIHOO, GOGO YU, Luna Chen, Lee Mu-Chi, LrB and Hsu Yueh-Yin, at the Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1.

    Lee Sun-Don

    Professor Lee Sun-Don releases unique and innovative series of works annually. Following his NFT crypto art series in 2021, Professor Lee has set off a wave of intergenerational transformation in the art field. In 2022, Professor Lee has entered the Metaverse to create, leading the trend of crypto art in Asia once again.

    The popular NFT works exhibited include: Professor Lee Sun-Don’s “Shambhala Fantasy Land”, “Shambhala Mystical Creature” (such as The Dragon Lord, The Phoenix of Abundant Benefits, The Bull with Full Gold, The Great Da-Xing Peng, The Great Da-Qi Treasure. The King of Triumph, etc), various cute “A-Bao” series. The series to bring luck and treasure are, Satisfactory Harvest, Money Pickup Truck, Money, Money-Coming, Fortune Cat. The works jointed created by Professor Lee Sun-Don and emerging artist Small Sa,such as “The Great Lucky Bird Marvelous ”, “The Great Fortune Bird Marvelous ”, “The Lordly Cat Marvelous ”, “The Ha Ha Mighty Dog Marvelous ”, “The Splendid Flying Horse Marvelous ”. Professor Lee and C.C. Cloud collaborated in creating series including “The Flower of Blessings / All-Inclusive ” , “The Flower of Blessings / Enlightenment-in-Everyday-Life” , “The Flower of Blessings / Attaining-Perfection” , “The Flower of Blessings / Buddha-Light-Illumination” , “The Flower of Blessings / Great-Wisdom” series.

    “The Flower of Blessings” series
    “The Flower of Blessings” series
    “The Great Lucky Bird Marvelous ” series
    “The Great Lucky Bird Marvelous ” series
    “The Splendid Flying Horse Marvelous ” series
    “The Splendid Flying Horse Marvelous ” series
    Excavating the Buddha Treasure, Bodhisattva Puxian
    Excavating the Buddha Treasure, Bodhisattva Puxian
    “The Lordly Cat Marvelous” seriess
    “The Lordly Cat Marvelous” seriess
    “The Ha Ha Mighty Dog Marvelous” series
    “The Ha Ha Mighty Dog Marvelous” series



    In 2021, following the growing popularity, MSLL began to create NFT crypto art. In 2022, upon the addition of artist Small Sa, MSLLS stepped into the Metaverse to create. Exhibited works include: The “Meta AI” series- An artistic dreamland inspired by the Metaverse and flowers, birds, insects, and fish from nature.

    The “Standing Upright” series- Inspired by sacred thousand-year-old trees, this artwork celebrates the wonder of life, its wisdom across time and moral eternality.
    The “Uncle Hippo” series- Legend has it that God’s favorite animal is the hippo, for it symbolizes joy and geniality. The artists express their creativities, characterizing each hippo with a unique personality. Though different in personalities, they are all amiable and lovable.
    The “Miao Miao Cat·Ping Rosenya” series- Inspired by the detective novel’s classic character, Ping Rosenya, this artwork uses cats to demonstrate Ping’s gentlemanship and wisdom.
    The “Ms. Xie xie” series- A childlike style is applied to characterize the fortune-prospering animal, the crab – a symbol of gaining windfall whenever, wherever.
    The “Hug Hug Bunny Princess” series- Lovable and gentle bunnies with a variety of adorable profiles aim to melt the hearts of all.

    MSLLS 2022作品集



    With a major in philosophy and minor in history, Singway tends to observe the world and perceive things from a different point of view. Singway began to create in her early twenties. Her current endeavor as an artist is to explore diverse media or forms of expression that can best illustrate her true self—her philosophic reflections on the vicissitudes of life and the direct pure feeling from her innermost.

    Move Forward with Utmost Courage


    For Ling Ling, creation is not just to capture the instantaneous moment, but to appreciate the moment that may be the one and only lifetime encounter that will never come again. With this in mind, she tries to create with every artwork as a story that can continue to be told, retold and remembered, to catch the moment and pay respect to its existence, whatever it is, and to shed light on how that moment or existence may enlighten us.

    Bound to Bloom


    MANIHOO is characterized by her unique style of collage, in particular, using bank notes of various countries and LED light, to spark the visual imagination of the beholders and narrate the story of her artwork in a lively way.

    Hello Money


    After 30 years old, GOGO YU realized that comparing to pursuing the purity and the truth of the soul, how to survive in this highly competitive society is one of the most important issues. She will use "the turning point of life" as the concept of her creation, depicting the mythological creatures transformed by the inner guardian at different stages, as well as exploring the process of spiritual growth.


    Luna Chen

    Luna likes to create with plump colors to enliven the images of her artwork. She also draws on fairytales from different cultural backgrounds so as to enrich our sensation and awaken our childlike curiosity towards the world; the world we live in is therefore transformed into one that is full of fun and wonder.

    Fairyland No.5 Aurora Night

    Animal Paradise / Happy Bunny with Butterflies


    Yachi Lai


    The Window with a View Unbound 27

    Small Sa

    Small Sa’s artwork demonstrates a strong cartoon and comic style, with arc lines and big hands as trademarks. While the arc lines give the viewers a sense of harmony and tenderness, the big hands represent her wishes to pass on the caring love and warming optimism to the world.

    Angel’s Diary / How Cool, This Violin!

    Muchi Lee

    Muchi was fascinated by fantasy novels as a child, and often escaped into her imaginary world. The artist hopes that while looking her artworks, the audience can see the ingenuity, the truth, the goodness and the beauty of everything, and also to inspire positive energy in their lives.

    The Nine-Colored Deer / Treasure Land


    Little Red Bean, also known as LRB. She loved to watch cartoon such as Disney and Doraemon when she was a child. She firmly believes that when facing any struggles or challenges, every one should maintain a pure heart with infinite possibilities. By possessing the hope, problems certainly can be solved. The fantasy and the beauty is what she wants to present to the viewers.

    Little Red Bean in Wonderland 14

    Hsu Yueh-Yin

    Yueh-Yin enjoys a relaxed and comfortable life, as well as those ordinary but beautiful things. She tends to give viewers peace of mind through simple pictures in our daily life.

    Pleasant Coffee / Relaxing Time