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X-Power Gallery Artists 2020 Latest Creation Series Exhibition
Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Warmest of Welcomes

Special Exhibition: 2020. 8. 15~ 8. 26
Public Exhibition: 2020. 8. 27~ 8. 30
Time: 10:00~ 18:00
Venue: The Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (Warehouse 2 & 3)
Address: No.133, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 11072, Taiwan
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Presenting Two New Series: "The Dao in Hand" and "Totemic Mantra"
At 2020 Art Revolution Taipei.Another Chapter

Art Revolution Taipei, which is curated with the leading concept of “ artists are the core” , and has created a new indicator for art fairs in Asia, was originally postponed to May next year due to the epidemic. To not affect art lovers, starting from August 15, “2020 Art Revolution Taipei • Another Chapter,” a 16-day exhibition, will be held at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (Warehouse 2 & 3).

In addition to the launch of new works, The Dao in Hand/ Deliverance and Totemic Mantra/ The Prajna of One Seal, created by Taiwanese artist Lee Sun-Don, who was praised by the Western media as "Contemporary Oriental Picasso,” X-Power Gallery launched, “The Glory of Coming and Passing” by “Girl Creative Artists Four” MaSingLingLuna, “This Is Very Contemporary – The Temple of Edfu” by Singway, The Taste of the Wonder World / The Ruby on the Crown by Yachi Lai, as well as the latest creation series from artists Luna Chen, Small Sa, Muchi Lee, LuNaSaSa, and Tiffany Tsai, allowing art lovers a chance to enjoy a unique artistic feast in the post-epidemic period of the hot summer season.

Lee Sun-Don

Artist Lee Son-Don launches unique and innovative series of works yearly, his new creative series, “The Dao in Hand” and “Totemic Mantra,” will be exhibited at the “2020 Art Revolution Taipei • Another Chapter” exhibition. The series of "The Dao in Hand" uses special 3D resin to fix the stalks full of rice ears onto the painting panel – the use of ears of rice as a special medium has a moving story behind it. The "Totemic Mantra" series, also a three-dimensional creation, features the 3D resin and rosary together with the print of Wang Xizhi's calligraphy of The Diamond Sutra. It has been more than a decade since Professor Lee first created with Wang Xizhi's The Diamond Sutra as the canvas in the 2009 Venice Biennale. More importantly, on top of these creativities, Lee’s exclusively-developed energy totems are the essence, as always, that brings extraordinary transcendental spirituality and vitality to the painting.

The "The Dao in Hand" series can be said to be a continuation of the transmission of the dharma heritage of Buddhist Forshang established more than 80 years ago. It is created around the transmission of the Forshang heritage between the First and Primary Patriarch Miao-Kong Bodhisattva and the 2nd Patriarch Yuan-Dao Bodhisattva, which scene took place in the paddy field. And as such, rice stalk full of ears of rice is the key element of this series. Also interesting is, “rice” in Chinese happens to be pronounced the same as “Dao” (literally, way or path), the name of Forshang’s 2nd Patriarch Yuan-Dao Bodhisattva, and this series is thus entitled, “The Dao in Hand.” From artistic point of view, the composition takes the natural wood print of the panel, the free arrangement of the rice stalks and rice ears, and the flowing 3D resin into consideration, when Professor Lee drew the figures – whether sitting or standing, moving or resting – and the energy totems in order to portray the Dao transmitted, the mind accordance between the master and his disciple, and Professor Lee’s reminiscence of his master, Yuan-Dao Bodhisattva. Professor said, there is no specific way to “read” this series. The background can be regarded as the sky or the ground, the mountain or the water; all the images are for the viewer to feel and imagine.

The "Totemic Mantra" series uses the canvas specially designed by Professor Lee when he participated in the 2009 Venice Biennale, that is, using Wang Xizhi's calligraphy of The Diamond Sutra as the base of the painting. But what is different than before, each painting is coupled with a variety of rare rosary beads of different materials, such as golden phoebe ebony, and the special 3D resin flowing naturally under gravity, and more characteristically, Professor Lee’s energy totems in multiple colors. All together come to a resonating harmonious unity. Truly unique!

The Dao in Hand/Deliverance

Totemic Mantra/The Prajna of One Seal


The Glory of Coming and Passing: The flying bug comes towards the fallen leaf – one is a living existence, the other passing. But isn't it true that existence by itself is a cyclic coming and passing? Can we tell that coming leads to passing, or vice versa? Or perhaps, coming and passing mutually defines one another. What we have to do is to work out the glory of every coming life. It is the glory that breaks away from the loop of coming and passing, leading us to eternity.

The Glory of Coming and Passing 1

The Glory of Coming and Passing 5


This year, Singway exhibits three series, each with its own style. “This Is Very Contemporary – The Temple of Edfu” uses modern technology, the motherboard, to present an ancient civilization—highlighting a time-space crossing interest. The “Wealth Plan” uses the fluidity of paints to portray the unstoppable good fortune and full happiness. In “The Cat on Travel,” she captures the fun of traveling with a cat, with its elegance and sensibility.

This Is Very Contemporary – The Temple of Edfu 16

Yachi Lai

Born in 1980, Yachi had a major in Visual Communication Design from Kun Shan University. “You’re painting great!” —a compliment from her kindergarten teacher inspired Yachi to advance in her pursuit of art. She began to engage in various arts— photography, computer graphics, illustration design, etc.—and later worked on gaming art, cover illustration and female comics. Her passions to learn and transform help Yachi establish a style of her own.

The Taste of the Wonder World/The Ruby on the Crown

Luna Chen

Luna's work is always full of childlike innocence, where she builds a fantastic, happy, and cozy world for the viewers to explore and experience. She brings two new series this year. “The Treasury Mouse” features the lovely hamsters, with which she wishes all the viewers a new year rich with good luck and abundant wealth. “The Sweet Afternoon” is characterized with Luna's favorite sweets illustrated in a colorful, delicious fashion.

Love in Star Night No.5

Small Sa

Small Sa's work features a mysterious but soothing caricature style. Characterized with arc lines, geometric shapes, color blocks, and especially the “big hand” as her icon of care and love, her painting flows with musical rhythm and youthful momentum.

Life's Seven Colors/Night Thought

Muchi Lee

This series is inspired by stories of Sakyamuni Buddha’s previous life when he was a deer of nine colors. The deer’s colorfulness speaks to the vitality of nature and the splendor of our spirituality. The deer meets with a butterfly by the lakeside. In Chinese, “butterfly” and “longevity” are homophonous, so are “deer” and “prosperity”. Their unison represents the artist’s blessing of long life and prosperity to all.

The Nine-Colored Deer/The Great Fortune of Chakravarti


LuNaSaSa is an artist duo composed of Luna and Small Sa. Their first series, “The World,” features ZiWei Doushu, one kind of Chinese astrology comprising 20 main stars. Each star has its characteristics, based upon which they design the corresponding character and spiritual creature.

The World/Heaven helps the good


Little Red Bean, also known as LrB. She loved to watch cartoon such as Disney and Doraemon when she was a child. She firmly believes that when facing any struggles or challenges, every one should maintain a pure heart with infinite possibilities. By possessing the hope, problems certainly can be solved. The fantasy and the beauty is what she wants to present to the viewers.

Little Red Bean in Wonderland.Red Fortune 4